It is my hope to make this website both a home for my own wargaming projects, and a home for tools and links that will be of use to others. Like our wargaming armies, this site is unlikely to ever truly be "finished." There's always going to be some new idea to explore or fascination to record. But that's the nature of most hobbies. If it's ever truly finished then it's likely been put away in favor of something else, because our hobbies tend to grow and change with us.

The first active piece of this site is the Random Terrain Generator, which makes it easy to complete the preliminary steps of Henry Hyde's map generation system as published in Battlegames magazine. I've used his system with his kind permission, and highly recommend acquiring the relevant back issues 3, 4, and 5 in order to utilize the rest of the system. They're part of an ongoing series of articles on Henry's adventures in creating fictional states from the Seven Years War period for wargaming.

Also to be found in the menu to the left are are links to my external wargaming blogs, including Snickering Corpses, my general wargaming blog, and blogs for Hesse-Engelburg and Ober-Schweinsberg, my fictional 18th century nation and its southern neighbor perpetually locked in internal civil war.